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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Energy Technique Toolbox Tip 1


Alot of us have trouble sometime during our day, maintaining a good level of energy. Maybe it is first thing in the morning, trying to hit the ground running in a full sprint. Or possibly it hits around that 4PM time slot when the couch is calling your name for a nap, but you know you have to get dinner started . Then again, just maybe it is a little later in the evening, when one of your kids needs help with understanding his new-old-new math homework, but you are so exhausted you can barely keep your eyes open and head from falling into your lap. Then it is time to turn to the Technique Toolbox for some help!

These three simple techniques are ones that have been taught by Donna Eden in her classic book, Energy Medicine. When you find yourself in need of an extra dose of energy to get you moving-- try these. The complete 3 Thumps series takes only minutes to complete, yet sends waves of energy that can last for hours.

Thump the Thymus: The thymus gland contributes to the development of a strong, healthy immune system. By tapping on this area first thing in the morning, and then a few more times throughout the day, we are keeping this gland stimulated. So where is the thymus? Picture Tarzan pounding the center of his chest, what he really was doing was activating the thymus before moving into action. Take a page out of his book to start the energy flowing into your day.

Rub the K-27 Points: The K-27 points are very special points on the body! These points are also used in EFT (emotional freedom technique) to activate the energy system to flow in the correct direction. K-27 will help to strengthen the immune system, improve concentration and alertness. To find K-27 (which is the endpoint of the Kidney meridian) place your fingers at the ends of the collarbone, then slide fingers toward the middle of the collarbone, then drop down about an inch. You will feel a slight indentation. The points often hurt when first stimulated, but this decreases as they are regularly worked. Tapping or rubbing these particular spots will send a wake up message to the brain to adjust your energy so you feel more alert. Getting drowsy during the mid-afternoon meeting with the boss? Work these points!

Activate the Spleen Points: These are neurolympathic points on your spleen meridian, which like the two above will help boost the immune system, energize the body, and balance blood chemistry. How can I locate these points? They are the depression between the 7th and 8th rib, just below the level of the breastbone or sternum. Move your hands beneath your breasts, straight under the nipples, then move down over the next rib. Just like the points mentioned above, they may hurt when being stimulated if not done regularly.

Using these 3 special energy points throughout your day, will provide an extra boost when you need a little more get up and go than your getting.

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