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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Using Reiki with Chronic Kidney Disease

Reiki is such a gentle, yet powerful healing modaility. Each month in my Reiki newsletter I post Reiki stories or experiences that help inspire. This is one from a rather recently attuned Reiki practitioner who is having amazing results.

My name is Rob and I have C.K.D.,,aka chronic kidney disease. As you probably know your kidneys play a major role in filtering the body's wastes. I was diagnosed about three years ago, after a routine blood test revealed a high Creatinine count. Creatinine is a waste by-product produced by the kidneys. The average person has a creatinine level of level was indication of kidney failure.

Now,the magic number for total kidney failure is 7.0, that means Kidney dialysis. Unfortunately or more, foolish of me, I put off going to the doctors. I sort of denied it. I reasoned that if it took all my life to get to that point, it would take many, many years to reach total failure...I was wrong!

Once reaching that level of 3.2, the condition starts to snowball towards failure! After more than a year since being diagnosed with c.k.d, I went for another blood test to see where I stood.. the test came back 4.3...I could no longer deny this. So I went to a Nephrologist, a kidney doctor....and began treatment.

I will never forget the first time I went to the kidney clinic. The waiting room was comprised entirely of elderly people, clearly with multiple problems. I, being 41 yrs old at the time,stood out! Right from the beginning, my mentality was "I don't belong here". Looking back I didn't realize my defiant attitude would play an important part of my treatment.

Treatment,by the way of conventional medicine, simply meant drugs and diet. Now there happened to be a dialysis room there at the clinic so curiosity got the best of me and I took a peek in! What I saw jolted me! Two rows of beds, about 10 per row, all filled with elderly people who looked like they've been to hell and back. If you don't know, a dialysis machine draws your blood out, its then filtered through the machine and returns it back to your body cleansed. The process is done 3 days a week: Monday,Wednesday, Friday--,5 hours each day, it leaves the patient feeling drained of energy,usually.

Well at the sight of that I thought "there is no way I am doing that"!!! I will do whatever it takes to stay out of there! So I dutifully followed the Drs orders and took my pills and watched my diet, and signed up for a kidney transplant. However I fell into a depression. The treatment wasn't intended to stop kidney failure just slow down the inevitable. Nothing was going to Stop my kidneys from failing,and this was depressing.

I was recently divorced, my condition had a hand in that, and I was working two jobs to survive. Things were not looking good for year. So I started praying, something I haven't done for about 7 years. I delved into books of a spiritual nature and content,looking for a positive outlook on life. I even went to therapy for help.

I go every 3 months for blood work and every month the creatinine level goes up. Not
much,usually a point, but always up. Now I was always "energy sensitive", and a few
years prior I had looked into Reiki and had a respect for it, but didn't embrace it at the time. Then in June 2007 I felt the time was right to look into it again, after all reiki is about healing. So I simply "googled reiki masters in pa" and had a list to choose from. After perusing some names, Susan Anderson and her Seeds for Change appealed to me! So I studied Reiki Level 1 and found it had wonderful possibilities!

The first few weeks after attunements, found me fascinated with rediscovery, both of
myself and this world,our universe! Really I am still going through this process. I've learned how to channel energy through touch and take an active role in treating my c.k.d.! Since i've studied with Susan, I've had two blood tests since becoming a reiki practioner..Before I went to Susan my cretinine level was its at 3.8!!

I give myself a reiki treatment almost every day for at least 30 minutes. My sessions are ever evolving and taking more dimension and depth! I presently incorporate visualization, crystals, jade and mantra's into each session. After which I have a deep satisfaction of knowing I am taking a proactive approach to my condition thats its actually working. Reiki is one of the best things that i have discovered in this life..its rewards are really amazing!! Sincerely, Rob G

Comment from Susan: This is such a powerful story illustrating the need to empower
ourselves, and once we do, we are firmer ground. One thing that Rob had mentioned to me in previous conversations is that the cretinine levels he was referring to do not go down...they may slow down, but they do not reverse. This is an amazing testimony to Rob's work on himself and using the healing power of Reiki to bring about positive change.

Many who know me, have heard me tell this story numerous times....about 15 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, the doctor told me it was a degenerative disease and would only get progressively worse. I was handed a few prescriptions, and an appointment was made to come back to see my doctor in 1 month. I walked out of that office, and committed a very defiant act, I tore up the prescriptions and declared to the universe..."I don't do rheumatoid arthritis, not in the realm of things that will be part of my life." Didn't know what I was going to do, but the answer arrived a few days later. I worked using a natural, holistic remedy and within 1 week's time I had no remaining symptoms left. Prior to that I was in bed, with every joint in my body inflamed and extremely painful. I do not have RA. Could it be that when we take the power of control, with our mind, body and spirit, we have the ability to create our own miracles? I think experience and Rob's are good indicators. Read about my story of healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis.



kyle said...

Good that you share these stories to let many know that there is an ancient art called Reiki which can sometimes cure diseases of the body and the mind better than many regular courses of medicines.
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Unknown said...

My father is going thru dialysis since an year. Can reiki stop it n revive his kidneys?.

Please help me. We r very helpless n depressed.

Rohini said...

My father is going thru dialysis since an year. Can reiki stop it n revive his kidneys?.

Please help me. We r very helpless n depressed.