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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Long Distance Reiki Assistance

This experience was submitted to me from a Level II practitioner regarding the passing of her mother-in –law. She asked me to maybe reword or restructure her notes, but after reading them I feel it is best for her story to come through exactly as she had written it up. ~Susan

Thurs: Message from Florida, mom in critical condition on life support, around 6 am, unresponsive. Had surgery on her back earlier in the week
8am: Sister from NY called to book a flight down
Frank and Rob’s flight at 8pm. Flight cancelled because of bad storm, rescheduled to go in AM after they were already there for awhile . 10:30 pm update from Florida-did tests, sleeping, no response, heart strong.

Friday:Frank & Rob left again.

11:30 AM: I started long distance reiki
11:45 AM: Frank called from airport in Florida, Lynda there, going straight to hospital
12:14 PM: Activity (pulsing) in hands really slowed . Has a vision of a coffin with Joan in it . I felt a very cool draft . A dark cloud filled in over the coffin. Mentally I kept saying that Frank was on his way, to hold on for Frank. I tear up. The darkness gradually fades away to gray,, then white. The pulsating activity in my hands grows stronger.
12:25 PM: Activity slows down and I get cold. I have thoughts that it’s over
12:30 PM: Feelings of relief come over me, no more struggle, no more pain.
12:36PM: Why am I thinking these things? Stopped sending Reiki—too upset
1:00 PM: Frank arrived at hospital
4:00 PM: Took her off of life support, they all had said their good-bys before she was disconnected
4:30PM: Joan passed away peacefully, all of the family there, Dad read some scriptures

Submitted byPat S. This was a difficult experience for Pat to submit. Thank you for sharing that deeply touching story. This is a good example of how Reiki is so effective and powerful in giving assistance when a loved one is making that life transition. Susan


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