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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reiki to the Rescue: Reviving Depleted Batteries

When I was taking my Level I Reiki class, I can remember my teacher mentioning as an aside, "Oh, yes and by the way, you can Reiki batteries also." I also remember thinking, "Ok, I was with you-- until now. Don't try to sell me some hocus pocus magic tricks."

All along, what I was being taught seemed reasonable, even though the name Reiki was kind of weird sounding, the ideas made sense on some level to me. And besides, I was only there taking this class so I could continue to do Polarity work without being energetically drained myself. Wrong! Just when I think I have it all figured out, the universe throws me a curve ball.

My teacher continued very matter-of-factly explaining, if you have a battery that has died but has not been sitting in a drawer dead for some time, you can Reiki it and it will revive itself, enough that you will not need to immediately replace the battery. "Yep! Sure! No problem! Watch out Energizer Bunny, I'm looking to take over your job" I'm thinking, holding the laughter in as she was speaking, not wanting to be disrespectful.

Well it just so happened that a few days after this class I was getting ready to prepare dinner and my daughter was doing homework. She came into the room and said, "Mom, my spellchecker just died, you need to go out and get me a new battery." Well my ears perked up on that one. Acting very confidently I said, "give me that battery". I sat down on the couch, put the battery between my hands, activated the Reiki energy, and kept one eye on the kitchen clock.

One minute passed...what am I doing? Am I nuts? Two minutes passed...I feel so stupid!...Three minutes passed...humm, I wonder how long I should hold this battery? Four minutes passed...what's that I feel? Five minutes it's cooking. Six minutes passed...well, she should be fired up by now.

Very gingerly, I handed the spellchecker battery over to my daughter, waiting for the ridicule that would come, after she put it back into the device and it wouldn't turn on. In goes the battery, "Thanks Mom, it's working!" Whew! I'll tell you, I slumped back in my seat and thought- it can't be true. Then I thought, well I'm sure it won't last. Wrong again, it was several weeks later before I had to actually go out and replace that battery, which totally amazed me.

Shortly after that, I was in the store, and at the time, you could purchase a battery pack with a test strip on the side to see how much energy was in the battery. I would use that to experiment with, giving Reiki to depleted batteries and watching them be re-energized. Each time it would happen, it would still amaze me. Unfortunately I can't find those test strips anymore. But I am beyond needing some demonstration of proof in that manner.

I have a relatively old digital camera by today's standards. It takes two AA batteries which have to be replaced frequently. I would always carry extras around with me, but I no longer need to. There have been quite a few times when I have wanted to take pictures and there are no replacement batteries close at hand, I just take the ones out of the camera, and Reiki them for a few minutes, pop them back into the camera, and I am good to go.

Still, even though I have done this on numerous occasions, I was still have a hard time accepting this was actually happening. Then one day, I had one of those hit yourself on the side of the head type of epiphany's...duh, we are acting just like a set of jumper cables. Our bodies are electrical systems that have life force energy flowing through them, therefore when we hold the depleted batteries we are essentially doing what a full battery does for a dead one when hooked up to the cables--we are giving them a jump. Once I was able to make that connection, I couldn't believe I hadn't made that deduction a lot sooner. So now as I teach my Level I Reiki class, as my teacher had done many years before, I mention to my students, "Oh, yes, and by the way, you can Reiki batteries too." That look I get is one I can identify with. I laugh, and tell them my story...The Day the Battery Died.



Lynda Lippin said...

I've heard that this can be done but have never tried it! Now I will venture forth confidently into reiki battery charging when necessary. Good for you!

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Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Hi Lynda- thanks for visiting Reiki Retreat! I have used Reiki so many times to revive batteries, give it a try! I love that I don't have to carry extra batteries along with me when going away.