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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Subtle Energy: A Basic Introduction

Mmm, it is an interesting process to observe. Actually it is a joyful process to watch as it begins to unfold. What you might ask? When I start musing over these things, often I don't quite have the language that best describes what is rolling around in my thoughts. Often these musings occur as pictures or feelings, and language sort of acts as a limitation when I try to describe them .

I think we humans are starting to move toward the reconnection that was lost a long time rekindle, so to speak the mysteries of the inner world. These mysteries lie in the realm of subtle energy.

As a Reiki teacher and practitioner, I often see amazement in the eyes of those who are just venturing out on this path. They display a keen interest in wanting to know what is going on, they show a deep thirst for understanding, and thus they begin their personal search of re-discovery of that what is already known but buried under the deepness of societal inheritance .

So here are a few thoughts to ponder as you are travelling down that road of rediscovery"

Energy Follows Thought
Where our we focus our will, our attention, our will be attracted to it and follow. If we expect success or failure, health or illness, improvement or worsening, we'll tend to get it. You get what you ask for is not a hollow statement.

Let Me Share an Example:
Scenario #1
I wake up in the morning and make the decision that "this is the best day of my life" and I start to act that way. I hop in the shower, and the water is somewhat cold. "Brrrh, gotta make this one quick today." Get dressed, go down stairs to grab some breakfast.

"Let's see, I feel like cereal and milk." Open the fridge and the milk is empty. "Well, I guess I'll have a banana and mix some of that dry cereal with a little bit of plain yogurt. Wow! I forgot how tasty this combo was, yum! I think I'll put a dash of cinnamon and vanilla as well."

I then get in the car and realize the gas gauge is on empty. "Great! I'm glad I noticed this, I'll have to stop at the gas station to fill up. Thank you Angels for making me realize this, I will be driving on a long isolated stretch of highway today, and if I didn't notice the gauge I could easily have been stranded on the side of the road with no gas!" Again I express gratitude for making me aware, thinking how lucky I am to have the other side helping me, and my day proceeds to be the best yet.

Scenario #2
I wake up in the morning and think, "God, it's only Monday!" I hop in the shower and the water is somewhat cold. "Great! No hot water again!!! It really pisses me off when my girls take 20 minute showers and use up all the hot water, not giving one thought to any one else in the house!"

Get dressed, go down stairs to grab some breakfast. "Let's see, I feel like cereal and milk." Open the fridge and the milk is empty. "It figures! Doesn't anyone around here other than me, know how to dispose of an empty container? Why didn't someone say we were out of milk! Huhhh! Guess that means no breakfast again today!"

I then get in the car and realize the gas gauge is on empty! "OKAY! Great! My day now officially sucks! Now I have to stop to get gas, which is going to make me later than I already am, on top of no breakfast and a cold shower!" Scream out a few %#@&* into the air, start blaming everyone and everything for my day, and proceed to have a very horrific one!

We have all had experiences like those described above. We set the stage and like a magnet, we draw toward us that which we intend. When we remember to choose wisely, it makes the biggest difference in the world.

Energy is Not Good Nor Bad
Energy is natural and neutral. Some people think of 'natural' as 'good', which certainly makes more sense than thinking of it as 'bad', but really it's just natural. Illness/unhappiness is not 'bad energy' that has to be 'got rid of'; but it may be energy that needs to move to a different place or different location, needing to be shifted, or it may be setting the stage for some big opportunity.

Energy Moves
Energy is not is always moving, shifting, changing...when we try to keep things from moving, think what happens! Know a person who is a control nut, always trying to keep things within arms length, tightly guarded and wrapped up in neat little packages? How does that work for them?

Energy Does Not Disappear
Energy does not go away, it doesn't poof and disappear some where never to be seen again. Energy changes form. Energy Is....always!

Energy is Infinite
Viewing life from a culture of scarcity, the basic rule implies there isn't enough to go around. We are often taught to take what we can while it is there, because there may not be enough for us tomorrow. It works on the emotion of fear...lacking enough of what is needed for safety, security, health, etc. I would like to suggest to CANCEL THAT THOUGHT, it's not even remotely true. Working with energy we are working with ABUNDANCE, with PLENTY - which is itself a powerful healing message. To 'give energy' to someone is not to impoverish ourselves; in Reiki, we are an open channel, letting energy flow through us, absorbing what we need as it flows outward to others.

As we work with subtle energy with more awareness, we will develop that intimate connection that provides a "knowing" on a very deep level that spreads well beyond the normal realm of understanding, and into the world of mystery uncovered.

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