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Monday, May 12, 2008

Energy Technique Tool Box: Tip 8

Techniques for Removing Energy Blockages

If you find something while scanning or dowsing the energy body, the following techniques can be helpful to remove it. If it feels appropriate you can invite the recipient to tune into what you have found, as they may have an insight about it which is useful to them, such as who is at the end of a cord. Always use compassion when cutting cords and releasing thought forms or blockages. Calling in your Reiki guides and bringing light in helps to boost the Reiki and to guide your intuition. If something still refuses to clear, then the recipient is either not ready to release it, or it is not appropriate for you to clear it for some reason..

Cutting Cords:
Imagine that your hand is very sharp and cut the cord close to the body, with Reiki light. Imagine that the energy goes back to whom it belongs to. I like to call in
Archangel Micheal to either actually do the cord cutting or to assist in the process. This is a powerful energy technique and one that should not be used lightly, without much thought or preparation. Because I feel this needs more detailed explanation, in another post I will go more in-depth with this process.

Filling in Auric Holes:
Place one hand at the edge of it, and slowly bring it towards the body, imagining that you are filling the hole with light and squeezing out anything negative. Then touch your hand to the body, or close to the body if at an intimate area.

Releasing Negative Thought Forms:
If you feel there is something in the aura or the body needing release, reach into it (imagine you are if it is in the body- use your etheric hands), and pull it out quickly. Pull it out of the aura and let whatever it was dissolve into light. Pulling it out often feels like you are stretching elastic, and when this sensation stops, it has come out.

Releasing Blockages:
This can be used with the above technique or on its own. Fluff up the aura close to the body, imagining that this is agitating any blockage so that it is released.

Enlivening a Weak Aura:
The whole aura, or part of it may feel rather small and depressed. To give it a boost, fluff it up, as if you are fluffing up lots of feathers, to a foot or two from the body. The recipient may feel light-headed- this is quite common and shows a negative thought form has been released.

Clearing The Aura:
This is a way of clearing the aura, but more specific work on areas of it may also be required. First of all, chop or cut up to a foot from the body with the edge of your hand, from the head downwards. This cuts minor cords and removes minor blockages. Then comb the aura with your fingers, starting at the top and working down, in a downwards direction. This brings the fibres of the aura back together. Lastly, fluff the whole aura up, again starting at the head, as in the last technique. Do this a coupe of times.

Balancing The Aura:
This needs to be done when the aura feels thicker, weaker or larger on one side. Hold your hands, so one is on each side, and stop when the energy feels even. You may find that there are blockages in one side which need to be removed first.

Before and After the Session:
It is important to provide a space in which the recipient can relax fully. There needs to be no disturbances and it needs to be a warm temperature. Have a blanket ready in case they get cold and to cover them with at the end.

Wash your hands up to the elbows before and after and provide plenty of water for you both to drink afterwards. Freshen up but avoid highly scented perfume. Prepare the room so it is nice and cleanse it energetically by smudging or spraying an essential oil cleansing blend or saltwater around.

Picture white light streaming down, filling all the corners. Prepare yourself mentally by meditating and visualising light coming into you. Call on your Reiki guides and whatever spiritual beings inspire you, for example Dr Usui, Buddha, the Ascended Masters.

Remove any watch or jewellery and ask the recipient to remove theirs. If they will be lying down, they may want to empty their pockets so they don't get any nasty surprises when turning over! They should also remove footwear.

After the session is complete, silently thank the beings you called upon to guide and help you. Rub down the recipient's body at the sides a couple of times. Ask the recipient to come back gently and open their eyes in their own time.

Put a blanket over them. When they get up, ask them if they are grounded and ground
them some more if they are not. Also ground yourself. Advise them to drink plenty of water and take it easy for a while. They may want to share something that came up during the session.Wash your hands to the elbows and go round the room again with incense or saltwater, imagining light streaming in again, paying particular attention to where the recipient was.

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