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Friday, May 23, 2008

Animal Symbolism

Many cultures have traditionally used animals as symbolism. Native people often view animals as teachers, as each represents a beneficial quality that can help strengthen and educate a person. Once we understand each animal’s essence--the specific gifts and strengths the creature represents--we can then incorporate a particular animal into a ritual and ask its guidance.

Recently have you been: drawn to a particular animal? Dreamed about a certain animal? Encountered an animal during some part of your day that you don't normally see? Hear stories or mention of the same animal over and over? Then there may be a message in it for you. Read on to find out what the various animals represent.

Bear: introspection, incubating ideas and bring them to fruition, cultivating power and support

Beaver: architecture and building, teaches structure, problem solving, and the ability to work with others

Butterfly: transformation, moving forward, trusting life to support you

Cat: independence, playfulness, caution, and gracefulness

Crow: intuition, justice

Deer: gentleness, peace

Dog: loyalty, guardian, and protector

Dolphin: power of play, unconditional love, the ability to release stored emotions through breath

Dove: peace, calm, and simplicity

Eagle: ability to see above the mundane, clarity, vision, and connection to the divine

Fox: confidence, cunning, and independence

Frog: connection to water rituals, a cleansing of spirit, body and mind, easing change

Horse: power, dependability

Hummingbird: joy, celebration life, and the ability to feel emotionally "lighter"

Lion: leadership, action, assists one in moving through fear

Owl: wisdom, clairvoyance, and clarity of thought

Peacock: wholeness, authority of self, and the expression of one’s own beauty

Rabbit: creativity helps one face fear

Raccoon: unmasking the truth helps one accept hidden aspects of the self, the ability to play many roles in life

Snake: sexuality, psychic energy, death and rebirth, immortality

Spider: integration, inner connection, and creativity

Swan: ability to see one’s own beauty and goodness

Tiger: confidence, spontaneity, and strength

Turtle: connection with earth grounding helps one slow down and focus on the present

Wolf: teaching, the ability to establish healthy boundaries, encourages friendship and sense of community.


HomeSpunHealers said...

Very interesting post! Recently a wild stray cat has taken a liking to me. I have no idea how long she had lived in the woods, but she was clearly afraid of humans. It took weeks before she would get anywhere near me at all. Now she will get close enough to rub up against me, and even though she wants to touch me, and feels perfectly safe in doing so, she still is afraid for me to touch her. I am sure, with enough time,she will let me touch her too. She is really a strange looking cat. She is black with orange spots. I have named her "Spooky" because she spooks easily. I would like to think that she did come with the message that you posted. :)

HomeSpun Granny

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with Spooky. It is interesting how some animals enter our lives, and then to take it one step beyond and examine that they may be refelcting a message back to us, brings everything to a different level of consciousness.