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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Are You Preparing for the Earth Changes?

Mother Earth, the Being known as Gaia which "ensouls" the planetary body, is planning at this time to "Ascend" alongside Humanity and other lifeforms to a higher vibrational level. But in order to do so She must first of all cleanse her body of all the pollution that Humanity has accumulated up to now. The physical state of her surface has reached such a state that it cannot carry on much longer without a complete ecological and environmental breakdown. Hence, a thorough Planetary cleansing is required by the Forces of Nature before a New World can begin to be recreated.

Preparing for the Quantum Leap
We and the planet are undergoing a unique transition in our spiritual evolution at this time. We are preparing for a quantum leap unlike any that has ever occurred before.

At the completion point of a multi billion-year single circular orbit around the Great Central Sun, our Galaxy connects diagonally to the next 'ring' on the great Cosmic Spiral. When this diagonal move from one ring of the great Cosmic Spiral to the next takes place, all of the planets, solar systems, and their inhabitants simultaneously take a step into a new evolutionary cycle. This is occurring now. We are not only at the end of a 26,000-year Earth/Sun/Pleiadian cycle; the entire Pleiadian system, which includes this solar system, is at the end of a 230,000,000-year orbit around the Galactic Center, and the entire galaxy is at the completion of its infinitely longer orbit around the Great Central Sun of this Universe.

It is said that prior to the end of 2012, Earth will undergo a spiritual and physical house-cleaning, corresponding to what have commonly been called 'Earth changes'

Crystalline Form
The Earth Mother, along with the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, and humanity, are currently undergoing a genetic transmutative process to the "crystalline form". The crystalline form has a different biochemical structure that allows any embodiment to hold a higher vibration. The crystalline form also allows for the experience of an ageless and disease-free life experience.

The plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are also in the process of becoming crystalline in form. The planet at large, is a body and is not unlike a human body in relation to the crystalline conversion process. We know that with the human form, the crystalline conversion occurs gradually, and certain parts of the body are converted a little at a time. This is also true for the Earth Mother. Some parts of her, especially those areas that are related to energy ley lines and vortexes, are rapidly becoming crystalline in form. Other areas will not become crystalline until later in her ascension process.

Dissolving All Present Thoughtforms
Earth is in the process of creating well-being and harmony for itself. The nature kingdoms are doing the same. Humanity must choose for itself. Humans that choose to release the past and move along with both Earth and the nature kingdom, will have a very different future than the humans that do not choose to release the past. Everything shall change. There is no present thought-form, no present technology that is going to make the shift into the next dimension. Only that which is conscious shall survive. That which is conscious is all species upon Earth, including the plant, animal and mineral, dolphin and whale, and those humans whom are awakening. There is nothing in your world that shall remain as Earth's vibration reaches a high enough vibration to dissolve it. This shall include the buildings that you rely upon, the cement of your roads, the plastic that you contain things in, and the craft and technology that you perceive as so very important. None of it shall be a part of Earth's future in the centuries ahead. Those who die will carry on with their indebted circumstance in another 3rd dimensional creation.

Global Warming
One manner of measuring an increase in earth's vibration is known as "global warming". The further the Earth moves towards the next dimension or the attainment of becoming an Ascended Master, the warmer she will become. This is simply because the increasing vibration causes the molecules of Earth to spin at a faster rate, which causes the temperature to simultaneously rise around the globe.

Global Shifts
Mother Earth is known to many as Gaia. She is a living, breathing entity and very much a part of your own energetic system. It was not until recently that we have begun to actually care for the planet which supports our own energetic structure. Now the tide has turned and with it the opportunity to reclaim your power has come to you once again. You have been offered this opportunity five times throughout your history. Each time, you have not been able to hold your true power. Each time it was necessary for Gaia to fully cleanse herself, to relieve herself of the tension of the misdirected energy, which you created through your actions. These have been the global shifts that have happened five times thus far in the history of Planet Earth.

Nothing is Written in Stone
There is no question that many prophecies abound today. One should always keep in mind that prophecies are nothing more than predictions. The best prophets are the ones who will admit that there is nothing about the future that is written in stone. The future is fluid and holds many probable outcomes and results, all of which are dependent upon the choices we make today as individuals and as a collective human family. If we don't like what we hear about the future, then we have the power to change it. The intention of anyone who tells you differently should be questioned.

We are not our bodies. We are spirits with souls created by God and with free wills. Throughout our universe, and perhaps countless other universes, there are many root races or different families of souls. Although many have chosen to go their separate ways, we are still and always will be ONE with each other and our Source. The human race is one of these cosmic families.

Ages and ages ago human spirits decided to come to planet Earth so that we (and God) could experience and appreciate the life that this 3-dimensional planet had to offer. As a group we had agreed to uplift this planet in a very sacred way. It would be one that would bring God-consciousness to Earth's level of vibration by blending Spirit into matter. Somewhere along the way we over-identified with the material world through its many physical pleasures and got stuck here in the life-death-reincarnation cycle that typically takes place on planets with a 3-dimensional level of vibration. In essence, we have lost our way and our God-centeredness. We've simply forgotten who we are and why we came here in the first place.

The universe is perfect. There are cosmic cycles, both big and small, within its vast expanse that occur like clockwork and reflect divine order and purpose. There are also different dimensions in God's universe (Jesus told us His Father's house has many mansions). Our five senses only allow us the awareness of the 3rd dimension.

There are planets in the universe today occupied by beings who vibrate at a higher level and intensity than the 3rd and 4th dimension. Planet Earth and all its inhabitants are now shifting from a three dimensional existence to one that vibrates at a higher level of energy. This birthing process is a major cosmic event for us and its purpose is to deliver this planet and all participating life forms into a higher dimension.

Planet Earth is going to go through a profound change. The driving force behind this irreversible and benevolent transformation is a wave of energy called the Christ Consciousness. This is part of the second coming of Christ we are all familiar with.

In addition, the human family currently on planet Earth is not homogeneous. Rather, it appears to be a mixture of starseeds from other planetary systems who were aware that our planet was going to go through a profound dimensional shift in consciousness at this point in time. These starseeds volunteered to forget who they are and where they came from. They were then born here as "humans" and, as cosmic volunteers, will help our planet go through its transformation into the Light.

In order to achieve this, Starseeds were pre-coded to awaken to who they really are at this point in time as Beings of Light and love. Apparently, they have done this many times before with other planetary systems. They live to serve their many brothers and sister from the stars. Such is their love for us.

The sole purpose behind the dimensional shift for planet Earth is to change it from a fear-driven planet to one whose alignment will be spiritual and based upon love. The shift will be irreversible and is estimated to intensify over the next 10 years. Those of us who choose a life of love will continue on with planet Earth and move into a higher dimension. These will be the Golden Years referred to in the prophecies.

Can all of this shift into other dimensions be proven? Not really. However, one thing is for sure. There is a massive change in consciousness taking place on planet Earth these days. Millions and millions of people are awakening spiritually. This in turn has affected the global consciousness of our planet. Many of the dire prophesies made for these times simply have not happened. Yes, there are erratic and violent weather patterns and other Earth changes taking place, but the worst scenarios appear to have been softened by our planetary spiritual awakening. Along with these changes we are beginning to vibrate more quickly. For many who are awakening, this has not been the most enjoyable experience physically. Symptoms of exhaustion, malaise, a desire to be out of the rat race, lack of focus and concentration, sleeping for long periods of time, a desire to find inner peace come and go. There are times when your feelings may be more intense. You might get angry or impatient in a way that comes as a complete surprise to you. Perhaps you are over emotional, cry a lot, feel things deeply. Try to rest easy. These changes are a part of the transmutation process.

In short, the world isn't ending, but it will be a time of change, upheaval and flux. Planet Earth will no longer permit three dimensional situations and attitudes. All the rules are changing. Do not try to hold on to your past experiences and beliefs because they will no longer apply. It is time to let them go.

Earth School, as we have known it, is almost over.

SOURCE: Earth Changes .

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We are definitely in a great transistion period here on earth. Love all your posts. Will have to stop back and read them all!