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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some Principals of Healing to Remember

I always try to review the concept of the healing process in a Reiki class or when seeing clients who come for energy healing. My belief is there is not one magic bullet, healing therapy that works for everyone. Because we are each uniquely vibrating individuals, we each require a unique blend of approaches that are suited to us.

Below is a listing of some very important points I came across listed by David Furlong, which I feel touch upon and summarize wonderfully many of my own personal thoughts, attitudes and beliefs regarding the healing process.

Take a look, feel them out for yourself, and then let me know what you think, I would love to hear your perspective.


Any work which involves the intention to assist in bringing about a greater sense of balance and harmony for a person, a place or a situation may be thought of as a healing occupation. The work of therapy, with all its various techniques and practices, has at its heart this intention; and therapists are faced with the challenges that the healing process involves on a number of different levels.

Looking more closely at the process of healing, the work of scientist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake suggests that there are resonances or vibrations in nature that he calls ‘morphogenic’ fields, which permeate all life creating a web of energy that links us together.

Professor Alan Wolf indicated how this process works when he said:
"The fundamental proposition is that everything is vibrating, everything is vibration. If you can vibrate with it, or attune to whatever it is that is vibrating, a resonance is created. Then you have a way of transferring energy back and forth." We can therefore look upon ourselves like radio stations, both broadcasting and receiving information all the time.

This needs to be seen not just in the context of physical energies but at every level: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Whenever you link with someone else on one or more of these levels, through meeting or just thinking about them, you immediately create the channel for this transfer of energy. Telepathy experiments demonstrate that our thoughts can reach out and connect with another no matter how far away they are.

Science tells us that energy flows from the stronger force to the weaker. It is important to be aware that one of the reasons that you might sometimes feel drained of energy in the company of another is because that persons energies can be very depleted. They can then unconsciously tap into and draw off your energy. This is particularly so of individuals suffering illness.

There are many forms of therapy that work upon balancing energy either through re-adjustment of the flows of energy as in acupuncture or by introducing an energy vibration into the body as in homoeopathy or the Bach flower remedies. Other energy balancing systems include reflexology, radionics, shiatsu and cranial osteopathy.

The work of balancing energies within ourselves will take place to some degree without any conscious intervention on our part. At the physical level, the body goes through a process of continual change and, to support this process, you possess a powerful self-healing mechanism that helps maintain a state of homoeostasis or general equilibrium.

Self-healing processes occurs at a level below normal conscious thought. You do not have to tell your white blood cells to attack a foreign body they do this automatically. 'Psychic' or spiritual healing is a process which acts in a similar way in that an innate knowing at a deep level of your consciousness will draw the right energy pattern to help another. Any therapist can use psychic healing techniques to supplement and enhance other ways of assisting clients: It is very important to learn to trust yourself.

One way of looking at 'psychic' or spiritual healing is to consider that the healer calls upon his or her own self-healing forces and, like a tuning fork broadcasts an energy pattern that can help another individual re-adjust their own balances when, for whatever reason, these have become distorted.

There is no one way to heal for we are all unique and have our own natural balance or matrix of energy. Because of this when opening up to give healing you will naturally be better suited to helping some cases or conditions than others. You need to find the system that best suits you: the only "correct" system of healing is the one that works for you.

Projecting a healing energy is controlled by conscious thought. In this, visualisation and intention play an important part.

One of the most powerful of all healing energies is Love: an energy that harmonises, transforms and protects.

In order not to feel depleted yourself it is very important that you learn to channel energies from outside of yourself. This will also amplify and considerably expands your natural range of frequencies. For example, calling upon or linking oneself to the principle of "Love", the love of God, Christ, Allah, the Creator or whatever name or symbol you wish to think of, will draw a much greater potency of energy than you could naturally harness on your own. This quality of the purest form of Love is not then 'muddied' or diluted by other feelings which we as individuals may have towards our clients. These forces can be brought to bear to assist others recover their equilibrium.

Remember that healing is an offering, like leading a horse to water, you cannot and should not try to make it drink, for we each have our own path to tread. For some this may mean experiencing disease and suffering as they reject those aspects that try to remove the symptoms. In practice, though, very few people reject healing completely.

Author: David Furlong Source



Robin Easton said...

Wonderful "peace". I especially like your idea that there is no ONE WAY of healing. And also that LOVE heals. You are very open minded and I find that in itself powerfully healing. I think it allows more room for an ill person to heal and find themselves and the power we all have within us. Not that we all don't need help at times, but to share our experience with someone who is open and non-judging is SUCH a healing experience. Thank you. : )

Did you see the last post on Dr. Scott Shepard's RAINBOWS HAPPEN blog? It will touch you.

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Well said Robin,a "non-judging" attitude is critical to healing!

Once an individual feels self-empowered, the journey begins... and it is soon recognized there are many paths that lead to a healing.

I will make sure to visit Dr. Shepard's site.