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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Creating a Sacred Space for Healing


There are times when we will be asked to give a reiki treatment on the spot while out some where or maybe in an emergency situation, but at other times, treatments sessions are planned in advance. It is for those times, as well as when we give ourselves a treatment that having a special space set aside has definite benefits.

As we work in a particular area over a period of time, the energy builds up in that spot. We can all recall how this can have both positive and less beneficial sides. I have noticed that when I perform a Reiki session in my treatment room at home, the session seems to be more powerful than if I give a spot treatment at other places in my home. Part of this reason, is because the space in the treatment room seems to remain energized and partly because of the intention and activities that are performed in that area.

My treatment room is used exclusively for giving treatments such as Reiki, massage, and Polarity. It is used when I want to do a deep meditation, or when I am involved in Aromatherapy work. So in essence, all the activities are connected in a way to working with the Divine Source. I do not eat, entertain, or engage in any other activity while in that room, at all times trying to preserve the purity and integrity of my purpose.

Below are some suggestions that may give you ideas:
A sacred space can be as small or as large as you wish to make it.

Look for an area in your home that can be used for this purpose. It could be an extra room that you may have available, a spot outside when the weather is more cooperative, or it could be sometime as small as a walk-in closet in the home. I have placed a small dresser in my bedroom closet and have placed meaningful articles on the top of the dresser and I keep the area uncluttered. This becomes my manifestation area. If I want to some time to myself I will lay a bedroll or blanket down on the floor and take some time for myself for prayer or meditation.

Once you have selected your space, clear the area of any existing clutter. Decide what this space will be used for and who can use it. Set your intention for this space after you have made the decision.

Place some pleasing visuals, kinesthetics, sounds and scents in your area. You may have a sound machine, or a tape player with soothing music, maybe a water fountain, some candles, incense and meaningful pictures.

Placing some personal items that you may have received from friends and family members surrounds you with loving memories.

Once your space is in place, you may want to honor it by doing some type of ritual, this may be giving a prayer of gratitude, or blessing the area in whatever way best aligns with your belief system. You will find yourself drawn to this sacred space more and more as you seek the peace and restfulness it provides.


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