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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Energy Technique Toolbox: Tip 4

Thorough preparation for an energy session is an important habit to develop as a practitioner if you wish to keep yourself at your best. There are many ways to get yourself ready to work with other individuals. In this post I will discuss connecting to Source energy and centering.

Connect to Source Energy
At the beginning of any type of energy work it is a good practice to connect to source energy. This is our highest spiritual connection we believe in. For each of us. it is different and personal. Regardless of what our belief is or what name we assign to this spiritual consciousness, it is an important first step.

We call in the Source and state our intention. As I begin a Reiki session, I focus on my crown chakra, then visualize expanding this out to about the diameter of a quarter. Then I bring into full view the cosmic cord that attaches from my crown to The Source. I spend some time connecting deeply with this, sensing the energy flowing from infinity through this divine cord, then entering into my body. For me I view this as a mixture of golden white light, that is warming and filled with unconditional love. This flows down my body, helping to clear and cleanse any energetic debris that is lingering about, no longer serving my highest good. I then state that I wish to remain a clear and open channel for reiki to flow through me, for my highest good and the highest good of all.

Next I work on centering myself. Everyone has their own personal favorite. My preference is to begin with some focused breathing exercises, this allows me to bring together all my various energy levels- not just the physical, but the mental, emotional and spiritual as well. I will breathe in through my nose, a deeply healing, penetrating golden white light. With each breathe inward, I go as deeply as I can into the abdomen. Then I hold the breath for a slow count of 1-2-3, at which point I very forcefully release the breathe, as if blowing out a birthday candle. With the exhale I am letting go of energetic debris that has been brought to the surface.

After a few minutes of focused breathing, I then place my attention at the heart chakra, opening it up, expanding it outward. I imagine a flow of beautiful pink and green light moving out of the heart area, and filling in the space surrounding me with unconditional love. This energy vibrates at a high level, shifting the auric field around me, to be brought into balance and alignment. At this point I connect with my physical self, calling in the collective consciousness of each cell, tissue, and organ within the body to work in harmony to bring about balance to the whole. Then each individual layer of the aura is called in--the etheric double, the emotional, mental, and spiritual consciousness- as I repeat the request. At this point, I have completed the beginning processes, and am ready to fully engage in the session for myself or to faciliate the session for the client.

Using a technique like this or a similiar one, will help you to prepare yourself or your cleint for a session that will extend beyond the superficial level, and into deeper, healing work.


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