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Monday, March 3, 2008

Reiki FAQ 4

Does Reiki Work For Everyone?

Are Some Practitioners Better Than Others?

Through the years of teaching Reiki, I have received quite a lot of questions from practitioners. This section is a compiling of questions in no particular order, some are from the early years of the Reiki Newsletters that have not been archived

Q. Does Reiki Work for Everyone?

A. Reiki works to the degree that an individual is willing and able to use the energy. If a person, for whatever reason, is not willing to receive a treatment, no energy will be transferred. If a person is completely healthy and stable in all aspects of life, the effects of a Reiki treatment may appear slight, or perhaps too subtle to be noticed. Most of us, however, feel discomfort somewhere in our lives, and can benefit from receiving Reiki.

It should also be noted that Reiki assists in the highest form of healing possible in a situation. Reiki can only enhance whatever natural healing is taking place; it cannot guarantee outcomes or change fate. Sometimes, the necessary healing may not match our own desired outcomes. This is often where the spiritual aspect of Reiki is most obvious. Sometimes, if a person's time has come, being able to feel at peace with death is the highest form of healing possible, even though we would prefer they have a complete cure. In this context, the word 'healing' has a somewhat different meaning from the widely accepted meaning, which seems to be 'curing of symptoms'(for that is what most medical doctors aim to do in their practice). The other meaning for 'healing', used in the practice of Reiki and spiritual healing, is the return to 'wholeness'. There is an ideal form - a wholeness - for each of us, being the highest and clearest expression of who we are. Pain or disease comes from any deviation from this ideal form and healing is to bring the physical/emotional/ mental/spiritual self into closer alignment with one's ideal.

Q: Are some Reiki practitioners better than others? How do I select a Reiki practitioner?

A: You may resonate to one practitioner above another. That does not make one better than the other. The beauty of Reiki is that it does not do any harm. However, it helps if your Reiki practitioner has the knowledge and experience to support what happens during Reiki treatments.

When choosing a Reiki practitioner, I would suggest looking for three things: 1) a practitioner who is passionate about what they do, 2) a practitioner who has a broad understanding about energy and its potentials and 3) a person who gained as much experience as possible, before embarking down the professional road.

If you have a question about Reiki, send it to us and we will post it.

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