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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Reviving Batteries and More Reiki Stories


Batteries Revived
Scott and I went to the Nature Lyceum for an awesome class on organics. I had my camera with me to take pictures and thought I put some extra batteries in the carrying case. Well as luck would have it, when I went to use the camera, the batteries did not have enough juice in them to take any photos and the extra batteries could not be located. So I took the batteries out and Reiki-ed them for about 7-8 minutes, then tried again. Volia! It worked and we were able to use the camera the rest of the trip with the reiki-ed batteries. I have done this on several other occasions, but it still always amazes and surprises me that it works -- Susan Anderson.

Spiritual Guides
I'd like to share something, although I'm not sure what to make of some of these things that happen. I see many things when I do Reiki on people I'm very close to. I see their spiritual guides, their deepest struggles and some on myself some images just keep coming up.

I have a friend I'd been dating on and off over the last year and a half. It had been a wonderful, confusing and painful relationship, with two ex's and two kids on each side. We really enjoyed each others company, but it just seemed like there were so many obstacles. Recently his mother passed away and I had some "visitations" from her. I met her and got to know her a bit. I don't really know what to make of it. When I do Reiki, I see her watching him and it's comforting. He needs space to get through this and his father is quite old as well and the thinking is he won't make it too much longer either. His father let me know at the funeral how special I am to this man so that was comforting to me. I've let this man know I'm here if he needs support, but it seems like that's all I can do.

This type of thing has happened to me before, when my own brother passed away last year, I had the same type of presence from him and my mother, who passed away in 1999. It's like there is this window surrounding people's death, where they linger and visit and I suppose try to finish some undone business or leave messages. Submitted by Debbie D...

Response from Susan:
Thank you for sharing... Others may be having similar are tapping into the energy of when someone close is passing on or transitioning into the next stage of their is a wonderful thing...comforting in knowing that life exists, although it takes on a different form..comforting when you can share this with others that it is significant for...I am receiving some regular visitations from my father-in-law, not visually but he is making his presence know when he arrives by touching me, ie patting me on the head, shaking the massage table as I lay on it to do meditation, and he passes along messages more in a telepathic husband has been receiving contacts from him as well...he passed over almost 5 years ago and the visits/contacts have been occurring within the last year...we have a good understanding of why they are coming and it is comforting to us to know that he continues to support us both from the other side in the work that we are doing.

If you have a Reiki story or experience you wish to share, send it along to us and we will post it for you.

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