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Friday, March 28, 2008

Reiki FAQ 6

Q: Could I Be Creating My Own Blocks?

Through the years of teaching Reiki, I have received quite a lot of questions from practitioners. This section is a compiling of questions in no particular order, some are from the early years of the Reiki Newsletters that have not been archived

Q: I tripped over the dog in the middle of the night once on my way to the bathroom. My feet were sort of stuck under her on one side & I went straight down on my knees on the other side of her. My feet must've come out from under her, because there I was on my knees & she never made a sound. I hit hard on the wood floor.

My question is, could I have created a giant block now? I ask because just as I get no response from my pendulum work, now I haven't been able to get any feedback at all from Reiki. This was since the fall mid Aug. I had a truly neat experience with a self Reiki treatment just a week before that. -PD

A. To answer your, I don't think you have created a block to receiving Reiki just because you are not receiving a perception of feedback..if you are willing to have Reiki come through you, it will...whether you feel a response to it or not will vary...but if you do not feel the feedback, it does not mean that it is not occurring...release the fears/anxiety you may be having over it..

Let me give you an example, that happened to me today, in fact, maybe for a particular reason, now that you are asking this question... I had been trying to clean out my dishwasher...I emptied it and ran it with a cleaner to get some of the stains out...I did this 2 times...after the second time, I noticed that the spinning arm above the heating element was clogged, so foolishly I was trying to unclog it without being totally aware that the heating element was still hot, to make a long story short...I burned my middle finger and ring finger pretty bad touching the heat source...

I immediately began to Reiki the affected area but did not feel the feedback I was expecting as I had with previous burns...I reikied it for about 10 minutes and then continued with cleaning the kitchen. You could tell that I had burned both fingers but they did not blister...after dinner I began to Reiki the area again..this time only the middle finger...still did not feel any response...I deliberately reikied only the worse finger to have a comparison of what the burned areas would look like. The middle finger which I reikied a 2nd time, it was hard to tell where the burn was...the less damaged finger (ring finger) although it had not blistered, there is a definite visual sign that a burn occurred in that area..

Last night, shortly after my oldest daughter went to bed, she came downstairs practically in tears, saying she had a really bad, sharp pain on her left side...she asked if I could reiki her...I began to treat the area, again feeling no feedback at all from the area where my hands were placed...a short time after, she said "let me try to stand up" . She stood up and said the pain had disappeared...she had a quick response to the reiki, yet I felt nothing coming through me...

Many times it is a test of faith...returning to the idea that I leave my ego behind and be a clear channel...many times we are graced with feeling the experience, at other times, this is not the case, nor does it need to be..... .

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