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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Reiki FAQ 5

Q. About Energy Balancing at the End of a Session

Best Way to Use Reiki for Post-Op Recovery

Through the years of teaching Reiki, I have received quite a lot of questions from practitioners. This section is a compiling of questions in no particular order, some are from the early years of the Reiki Newsletters that have not been archived.

Q. Here's a question that crossed my mind for the newsletter. I read that another way to balance chakras is to place one hand on either the 1st or 6th chakra, and balance all the others to it one by one. This is good if there is too much energy in the 1st or 6th, and you would like to transfer some energy. My question is how do you know if there's too much or too little? We know by using the pendulum when it's out of balance, but how do we know which way? - PS

A. There are many ways to balance the charkas..the way I teach the balancing at the end of a session is just one way to do it…my suggestion would be to experiment and try different ways…when using the pendulum to assess the charkas what I have programed my reading for are: a clockwise swing indicates that the chakra is open…if the diameter of the swing is about 6 inches that would be considered open, less than 6 inches would be open but on the lower end, if the pendulum swings horizontally, vertically, irregularly, or is showing no movement this indicates a restriction in the flow…over 6 inches in a clockwise swing shows that the chakra is over stimulated…

Q. What is the best for using Reiki in helping with post op recovery. What timing is best, location of hands etc. Do you have experience with this? Do you have anything specific readings to recommend me to read etc. I welcome any advice. I have heard that some nurses use it immediately in the recovery room. I am sure they will not allow me in recovery room. Do you recommend that I apply it whenever I am visiting her even when she is sleeping etc. -LM

A. If you could get into the recovery room to administer Reiki that would be good, but as you said, they may not allow it…first I would plan on sending in Reiki to the operating room, the operating room staff, the equipment and your sister. If you can give her Reiki prior to the procedure that would be good as well…if not directly before, anytime prior would be helpful…as far as where to place your hands, I would do as much of a general treatment as possible..remember reiki goes to where it is needed anyway…but particularly spend a good deal of time in the upper chakra areas…if she is asleep it doesn’t matter, the Reiki will still be addition to the Reiki if you could have your sister also begin to engage in some regular meditation or visualization techniques it would be helpful with the recovery process…her willingness to do the inner work as well as the outer physical recouping is to me, an essential part to the healing process, one does not work as well without the addition of the other.

Check William Rands web site: for the archive of articles..there is an article entitled: Reiki and Breast Cancer, and another one Cancer, Surgery and Reiki…there may be newer articles, I haven't checked the site recently..

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