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Monday, March 31, 2008

Introduction to the Aura

The aura is the energy envelope that surrounds our body. As we continue to develop our skills and work more deeply to gain understanding of energy, having a general idea of what the aura is about is extremely useful.

I think it is important to note there are varied ways that different schools of thought describe the layers of the auric field. When we study, we should be investigating and gathering information. Once we assemble our information, I suggest it is beneficial to pass it through our heart center. If the information resonates with us, then we should connect with it, use it, expand upon it, develop it more, etc. Nothing in this world is brand new and unique, it is just a variation of something already expressed. So with that in mind, the following information on the aura is that which resonates with me and what I have been working with over the last several years.

To me, the aura is the subtle energy field surrounding a living organism which gives a indication of what the organism is experiencing on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual other words, I like to think of it as a holistic snapshot. This aura can be seen, felt or experienced by many individuals in a variety of ways.

Personally, there are times when I can very clearly see the auric field of a person, but I have more difficulty with plants and animals. Usually I am in a very high energy environment when I can detect the aura in colors.

For example, yesterday my husband and I were at a dowser's meeting and the guest speaker was a woman healer. As she spoke with passion about her life journey, the aura around her head became visible to me, coming through in the first layer as a bright yellow and the next layer expanding out several feet was a beautiful green. After awhile, the floor was opened up to discussion, and as different individuals spoke, their auric fields around their bodies glowed. Once again the color I was seeing was either yellow or green. I also saw the aura around many others,but not containing a particular color, instead, being a hazy, fog like glow surrounding them.

As I work with individuals giving a Reiki session, I do so with my eyes closed most of the time. While in this state, I feel the aura or energy body. Sometimes it feels strong and vibrant, at other times it may feel out of balance. When the aura is out of balance, it can be felt in a variety of ways. If I open my eyes, then I usually perceive the aura in a hazy, fog-like manner, probably because I give a session in very dim candlelight.

Etheric Double
This is the energetic blueprint of the body, containing an exact duplication of the cells, tissues and organs within the body. It extends about a quarter of an inch to several inches beyond the physical body. The Etheric Double has two main functions. First it absorbs energy and distributes this to the whole body, through the functions of the chakra system. Secondly, it acts as an intermediary or bridge between the dense physical body and the astral body, transmitting the consciousness of physical through the etheric level to the astral body, and also transmitting consciousness from the astral and higher levels down into the physical and nervous system.

Emotional Layer
The emotional aura extends about two to four inches from the physical body. This aura is associated with feelings. Positive feelings generally create bright colours, where as negative feelings generally create dark colours.

Mental Layer
The mental aura extends about four to eight inches from the physical body. Within this aura are our thoughts and mental processes. The more active our thinking processes the brighter our mental aura becomes. Within this aura can be found thought forms.

Spiritual Layer
This is the next layer after the mental containing our feelings within the world of our spirit. Here we communicate with all the beings of the spiritual world.

There are many more layers, but as I work with Reiki, these are the basic layers I am concerned with, preferring to keep things simple You may wish to do more research on your own and go deeper into the other layers.

See upcoming post entitled, Colors of the Aura, to learn about the different interpretations or meanings assigned to the colors of the aura.

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